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  •  Jade #44555

      Hey Girlies,

      I am currently living in Dublin with my partner. I have two good friends him and someone else.

      I used to have loads of friends, they all got married at a young age and focused on being moms and wives…. no time for me anymore. They might come back if i pop one out :p

      So about me, I love music, i knit, I love a good chic flic or a chic lit book. I am not a girly girl…. I love pink and squeak at anything cute eg pugs. I wear a lot of dark colours, please don’t think of meeting me as your woman out of legally blond… i am not that bad!

      I am 29, and I need to branch out and meet people. My partner can only accommodate me so much to the girl talks, he tries bless his cotten socks. I just want random chats over coffee.. drinks etc. I really am lost on what to write here…. please be my friend! (im being funny…. not psychotic)

    •  Magda #44556

        Hi 😉 I moved to Dublin recently with my partner and don’t get to see my friends as often as I would want as they live all over the country and its hard to organise a meeting. I am looking for a person that I can hang out with sometimes and as you said have a coffee a chat or a cocktail 🙂

        •  Jade #44559

            Hey Guys,

            Thank you for your response. I am unsure how I give my email out to you to get the ball rolling… any ideas?

        •  Lisa #44557

            Hey im new here also 26 from nz and have pretty much no friends here yet. I love music and movies a good chick flick is always appreciated. Im not girly girl at all. Am keen for coffee or cocktails they always go down well. If keen for chat flick me an email not too sure how this works lol

          •  Jade #44560

              So intelligent, I figured it out


            •  Lisa #44566
              •  fiona o’reilly #44582

                  Hey ladies, I’m exactly the same 🙁 my friends don’t go out that much, getting too old lol. I’ve lost touch with friends over the years too, and others are getting married and having kids. I love music, gigs and festivals, cinema, girly nights, cocktails, travelling etc. I’m always stuck for someone to go to gigs with so looking for like minded friends who are gig crazy like me

                •  fiona #44588

                    Hi my names fiona. My friends have moved away. So feel like there is no one around at all. Would be great to get in touch.

                  •  Ann #44589

                      Hi Everybody,
                      I am relatively new to Dublin too and love to meet some like minded gals to hang with. I’m 36, originally from Ireland but have been living overseas for the past 17 years before deciding home was where the heart is! All my school friends seemed to have settled down. Wondering if your interested in having another one join your gang?

                    •  Jade #44690

                        So this is my email: get in touch

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