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  •  katxo #53268

      Hi Everyonarea just looking for some new mates to socialise with since mine have all gone there seperate ways. Boy or girl doesnt matter just someone who likes to go out on the weekends and watch movies or go the gym on the weekdays yano typical irish :)!! feel free to reply or contac

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    •  HannaPurplee #53269

        Hi! I will be in Dublin 3 months this autumn, would love to go out on the weekends or whatever! I’m 26 years old, feel free to give me a response and we can talk more! 🙂

        •  katxo #53270

            Hi Hanna 🙂 Sounds good where are you coming from and when will you be arriving ?:)

            •  HannaPurplee #53272

                I come from Sweden, and will be there 17th of September. So almost a month until I arrive, sooo looking forward to it. I will be staying in Whitehall(if thats the correct name), do you know where it is? 🙂

                •  katxo #53274

                    Oh very nice 😀 yepp whitehalls jist on the northside of the city as far as i know 😂😂 we should meet up when you arrive i can show you around the city 😊 do you have facebook ? 😊

                  •  HannaPurplee #53275

                      Haha well then you know more than me!! I have no clue where I’m going or what I’ve gotten myself into. Would be awesome having a personal guide! 😀 You can add me on facebook, Hanna Uppgren, if you want to 🙂

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