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  •  John #45050

      I’m 25 from Scotland and have only recently arrived in Dublin . I live in the city center, and I am looking to meet some new friends to hang out with, drinks, nights out, gym, gigs, etc.

      If your interested, send me an email

    •  Paul #45054

        Hi John,

        Supposed to meet a old friend one to one tonight but she forgot her bf was visiting her this wknd so now if I go I’ll be a third wheel so not as keen. I still fancy that pint so if your free get back to me. Cheers.

        •  John #45059

            Yeah man, drop me an email with your number I’m free after 8pm if that suits you?

        •  Manon #45060

            Hi John !

            I am new in Dublin too, I come from France to work in internship for 6 months (South Dublin), I’m 23 and looking for new friends to hang out on the weekends ! Just send me an email if you’re interested ! See you

            •  John #45062

                Hi Manon!

                That sounds good you can email me on, if you wanna hang out!

                See you


            •  Cindy #45063

                If you guys don’t mind hanging out with a female, drop me an e-mail. 23, from Cape Town.

                •  Chavales #45064

                    Me too!! 25 yr old female new to Dublin… If you guys are keen to go out for a drink tomorrow night I would be …… I’m not sure how you leave your email on this so if I can contact someone and we can plan something?

                •  John #45065

                    Hi Cindy and Chalves!

                    You can email me on if you wanna hang out!

                    See you


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