New cocktail/gym buddies Dublin!

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  •  Melissa #44424

      Hey guys, I’m 23. Moved to Dublin two months ago, working in the city centre. I have a great sense of humour 😀 love meeting up for cocktails and a chat, adore going to the gym, going to gigs, shopping and stuff like that 🙂 I have been away in the UK for a few years and now most of my friends have emigrated. Would love to meet some new people to chill out with and have some fun!

    •  Louise #44425

        Hi Melissa 🙂 I wouldn’t mind meeting for a chat over coffee(or whatever drink u fancy) if you are interested! I am 23 as well. Been living in Dublin for almost 6 months. Moved here from Denmark. Are you on Facebook? Maybe we could talk there.

        •  Melissa #44439

            Hey Louise, that would be great! yeah I’m on Facebook 🙂 What’s your email and I’ll post you a link? x

        •  Aine #44430


            What’s your email address? I’m 26, have just moved back home after 3 years in England. Would be nice to chat to you.


            •  Melissa #44440

                Hey Aine, would be great to meet someone who’s been living there for while too 🙂 My email is Speak soon x

            •  Leanne #44431

                Hi ladies,

                Im Leanne and im 25. Ive been in Dublin for about 2 years but everyone i moved up to has moved away. I have a boyfriend but we only see each other once a week because of work so i need some girlfriends to have fun nights out, coffee and generally girly chats with. If anybody wants to chat you can email me on

                Leanne xx

                •  Melissa #44441

                    Hey Leanne,

                    Sent an email your way just now 🙂 xx

                •  Clara #44442

                    Hey Melissa,
                    I’m 22 and live in Dublin. I would love to meet new people and have some new girlfriends to chill with. I would love to go for a drink or coffee, even if all the ladies here wanted to get together for a group get together that would be cute? 🙂 let me know, my email is

                    •  Nathania #44479

                        Hey Clara,
                        I think that group meet up is a great idea, my emails here in the comments so feel free to message me 🙂
                        I’m 22 and I’ve been back in dublin for three years after living in England.

                    •  Alison #44464

                        Hi Melissa and ladies
                        I’m 22 and love getting to know and meet new people. A lot of my friends have emigrated and moved away so would love to make new ones. I live in Dublin too. I hope to hear back from you xx

                      •  Nathania #44477

                          Heya here’s my email I’m nathania, I would love to meet up for drinks or wherever.

                        •  Nathania #44478

                            I meant or whatever, stupid Auto correct haha

                          •  Tory #44528

                              Hi Ladies! I just moved to Malahide from San Francisco in California! I’ve only been here a week! Obviously I don’t know anyone here but my boyfriend, so I would love to meet some girls to hang out with and explore Dublin with! 🙂

                            •  Tory #44529

                                Sorry forgot to mention I’m 27 and also love the gym :), still working on finding one here!

                              •  Krystal #44603

                                  Hey Melissa!

                                  I’m 20 years old, and moved to Dublin myself just over a year ago. I’ve been finding it difficult to make friends, everyone just seems to have their own ‘click’ ya know? I love to try everything and anything, very outgoing, love to have a laugh, and am very chatty! Are you on facebook? 🙂

                                •  fiona #44605

                                    Hiya I’m fiona I’m easygoing up for a laugh. I like most things. Is love to make new friends. Everyone coming and going. Hope to hear from you.

                                  •  Ian #44615


                                      Well I’m not a cocktail kind of person, but do like a good mojito and enjoy a good work out! I’m 31 and new to Dublin originally from London and looking to make new friends and socialise with people with similar interests

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