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  •  Grace #44688

      Hi all,
      I would like to make some new friends in Dublin city. I started a new job a few weeks ago and have been finding difficult
      to make new friends. Im in my late 20s and enjoy cinema, walks a couple of drinks every now and then and animals.
      If you would like to get in touch please give me your email.
      Looking forward to hearing from you.

    •  fiona #45008

        Hi grace my email is

      •  Vicki #45141

          Hi Grace
          I’m the exact same all my friends have moved away and I’m in need of some female company to keep me sane
          Let me know if you are free to meet up

        •  Alyse #45146


            I move to Dublin next week and don’t know anyone. I’m 23 and from New Zealand. My email is if you want to flick me a message.


            •  Maria #45178

                I’m 23 and looking for new friends to hang out with πŸ™‚
                Send me a message!

            •  Tanya dhanoa #45160

                Hi grace
                Here’s my email

              •  Laura #45177

                  does anyone actually ever make friends on this?

                  •  Tanya Dhanoa #45186

                      Hi Laura was thinking the same thing myself no1 seems too reply at all πŸ™‚

                      •  Laura #45272

                          hi Tanya, yeah I don’t see much future in getting to know people on here
                          – Laura

                          •  Tanya #45273

                              Heya Laura
                              Met a few people off here last night and it went well πŸ™‚
                              Can meet up sometime for a coffee if u fancy it πŸ™‚

                              Here’s my email

                      •  Sarah #45222

                          Hi im late 20s looking to meet some girly friends mail me x

                        •  Sarah #45238

                            Hi there
                            I’m in the same boat give me a mail !

                          •  Sarah #45245

                              Hi girls a group of us is meetin up saturday evenin for a bite to eat and few drinks for the first time so its new to us all if ur interested mail me x

                            •  Renata #45305

                                Hey there πŸ™‚

                                I have been living here since last August, relocated from Hungary, 30 years old professionals, and looking for outdoor activities, friends, I like chatting, dancing, hiking, cooking, doing yoga, meditation, etc.
                                It would be nice to meet new people and get some friends here πŸ™‚


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