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  •  nat84 #50286

      Hi Irish female. Age 31
      Looking to meet new girlfriends. I have recently just joined a gym and would like have a gym buddy. Healthy body healthy mind as they say. I also love shopping, trying different restaurants and wine! Day trips and festivals. Chat Soon Natalie 🙂

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    •  orlagh #50308

        Hi Nat, How are you? Be nice to meet up

        •  nat84 #50386

            Hi Orla, I am just back from a few days away. Would love to chat. Where are you based?

          •  Amiee1234 #50838

              Hi Nat,
              Im 29, engaged, cat owner, full time worker & would love someone to gym up with. Love shopping, girlie cocktails or wines in bars/clubs, dining out, adventure sporting (day trips out). Looking to find new life long friends.
              If you want to talk more drop me a reply.
              Best of luck friend finding 🙂

          •  Lpw88 #50332

              Hey Natalie,

              I’m Laura (also Irish) just new to Dublin so would be great to find a gym/wine/shopping friend! More a fan of the wine and shopping to be honest!

              Let me know if you fancy grabbing a coffee! 😄

              •  CrazyCatLady #50842

                  Hi Amiee! Another cat lover here. 🙂 And also looking for a gym buddy. You have my number somewhere in this topic or drop me yours if you want to. 🙂

                •  nat84 #50851

                    Hi Amiee,

                    You seem to have the same interests as myself. Are you on KIK? or maybe we can swop email add? Chat soon Nat😀

                •  Livvy #50379

                    Hi natalie how are you ? There’s a watsapp group going with a few girls if you’d like to join? I’m also 31 and I’m from Dublin. chat soon livvy

                    •  nat84 #50392

                        Hi Laura, how are you? Would love to meet up. Where are u living? 😄

                        •  nat84 #50558

                            Hi Laura,

                            Great to hear you are into the same things as me. How can we get in contact?

                        •  Póilín #50811

                            Hi ladies! I’m 29 Irish, living in Dublin city centre – gym bunny, love eating out, shopping & wine too! Would love to meet up & make more friends! 🙂

                          •  Amiee1234 #50874

                              Email me:
                              [email protected]

                          •  mbiria #50380

                              Hi everyone, I’m 30 and also new to Dublin and would love to meet new people for a coffee, hiking, shopping or catching some pokémons! =)

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                            •  Lpw88 #50401

                                Hi Nataile,

                                I’m very central (north inner city), what about you?

                              •  CrazyCatLady #50630

                                  Hey girls! Gym/wine/shopping friend seems pretty awesome to me. Not even to mention catching Pokemons. <3 I’m 31. Tallaght. 🙂

                                  •  mbiria #50645

                                      Hi CrazyCatLady!

                                      I live in Ranelagh we are not that far from each other. Would you like to go for a drink or coffee today or tomorrow afternoon (or catching some Pokemons if it doesnt rain)? =)

                                    •  nat84 #50818

                                        Hi Ladies,

                                        I would defo love to meet up 🙂
                                        is there a wattsapp group?

                                      •  PEI TI #50983

                                          Hi CrazyCatLady,

                                          I’m an au pair in Tallaght, too. I’m a 28 years old girl from Taiwan. Don’t know many people and don’t have a social life when I’m free especially on weekends. Hoping we can go out for a drink or shopping together if you like 😀

                                      •  CrazyCatLady #50646

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                                          •  CrazyCatLady #50984

                                              Sure! 🙂 Drop me your number or e mail and I’ll contact you about the details. 🙂

                                              •  PEI TI #50988

                                                  Here is my number : +353838322990, nice to meet you 🙂

                                            •  Livvy #50985

                                                Hi Nat I’m also 31 and I’m from Dublin, I’m currently don’t go to the gym but would defo be up for it with other ppl. Where are you living?

                                                Cheers liv 😊

                                                My email address is [email protected]

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