New female Friends in Dublin

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  •  Vico #42209

      Hey im a Boy 19 years old, I’m from Germany and I was wondering if theres anybody who would like to hang out, go for a coffee, to the cinema, or just get something to drink and chill.
      If u want you can email me first then we can chat somewhere on Facebook, kik or imessage

    •  aine #42225

        hi vico how are you. im 19 too from dublin.would love to chat on facebook sometime if you are interested. Do you have facebook?

        •  Vico #42226


            I’m fine and you?
            Yes i have Facebook. Please add me Vico Wil

        •  aine #42227

            Hey yeah I am good thanks…I will add you on facebook =)

          •  Vico #42228

              I can’t wait 🙂

            •  aine #42229

                Hi vico I can’t find your name on facebook..I couldn’t find anyone called vico will???

              •  Vico #42230

                  Only one L, maybe you can tell me you’re name?

                •  aine #42231

                    Hi you can add me. It’s aine Holland..

                  •  Vico #42232

                      I added you 😉

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