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  •  JoJo #41830

      Im a latin american girl.
      Im 30… really find difficult to make friends.
      Anyone want to join me for a cuppa or a pint and have a good chat.
      Let me know

    •  Nadine #41835

        Hi Jojo Nadine here 23 years old.If you wanna get in touch

      •  Louise #41845

          Hi Jojo, what’s your email?

        •  Tee #41859

            Hi Jojo, I am 28 years. I would like to meet you if interested. my email is

          •  Jenny #41926

              Hi JoJo,

              Don’t know if you’re still looking to meet up, I’m American but with Latin background (Venezuelan). Let me know if you’d like to have a chat over a coffee or a pint 🙂


            •  Jojo #41953

                Hi jojo,

                My name is joseline and I’m 26… I’ve only been in Dublin,Ireland for a week.. I’ve just moved my whole life here from Australia because I’ve gotten engaged with an Irish man 🙂 my background is Chilean so it would be great to meet another Latin girl since I’ve left all my friends back home… Let me know if you’re up for a drink or a coffee

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