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  •  Leemarie #52389

      Hi looking to meet some new friends,I’m a female in my 20’s finished college last year and nearly all my friends have moved abroad and yeah looking for some new cool friends

    •  soldier of fortune #52395

        May I have your e-mail adress please?

      •  Ms876 #52397

          Hi Leemarie,

          I’m late 20s and have weekends free, always looking to meet people and build up a social life.
          Hope to hear from you and we can organise a coffe chat or whatever!

          •  Leemarie #52398

              Hey yeah sounds good where are you from also im free most weekends so that;s great

          •  hill23 #52405

              Im in the exact same situation as you in my 20s just finished college. Give me an email it’s [email protected]

              •  Leemarie #52406

                  Hey cool I know totally sucks I’ll email you now

              •  Scottcampfield #52419

                  Hey ivejust movedto ireland athlone im.after new mates too

                  •  Mercy #52437

                      Hi Lee Marie I’m 19 and in my last year of college (two year course) also looking for new friends love to meet up if you want to send email?

                      •  Anonymous #52452


                    •  Andreea #52489

                        Hey girls, I am Andreea, I moved to Ireland 2 years ago for college and I don’t have too many friends here. Would love to meet up for a chat, coffe, movie, my email is [email protected] 🙂

                      •  Lornaaaa #52498

                          Hey Leemarie!:) I’m just turning 20 in a couple of months and a lot of my friends from school went on to college and we all drifted apart. I am going to get some online courses done for management but I chose to focus on starting up a career alongside the degree so I definitely was one of the first to drift away from my school friends. You should add me on snapchat, lorna_bird:) x

                        •  Alice #52526

                            Hey, I’ve been living here a while now but am still finding it difficult to make friends. It would be great to meet you!

                            I’m 24, English, working near Dundrum. Love a good chat over coffee or a shopping trip, going to the cinema etc.

                            My email address is [email protected]. Please let me know if you want to meet up!
                            Alice 🙂

                          •  mahe094 #52662

                              same like your friends i came here .have no friends.20+2 to see people smiling with me. mail me [email protected]

                            •  Louisek #52663

                                Hey I’m louise

                                I’m 24 and I’m a similar suitiation if you want u can email me 😊 [email protected]

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