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  •  Shauna Wosser #47256

      Hi, I am looking for some new close girlfriends to do everything with cinema, dancing, going out for food the usual!

      My five closest friends left two months ago, and they are travelling for a year in Oz! Unfortunately it just wasnt the right time for me to go!

      I do have other friends but they are quite busy, relationships kids etc!

      I am 25 and I am just looking for friends to actually do stuff with, I did everything with my 5 friends before they left so now I am feeling a bit out of sorts not having them to do the usual things with !

      Feel free to email me directly or write to me on this!:)

    •  Cat #47269

        Hi Shauna πŸ™‚

        Are you based in Dublin πŸ™‚

        •  Shauna #47283

            Yeah I live in the northside 😀😀

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