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  •  Emma #47445

      Hey, this is something I would never normally do but I just thought I would give it a go.
      My name is Emma and I’m 23.
      I’m from and still working in Blanchardstown but I’m living in Kilcock.
      I’m just looking for a few new girlfriends to hang out with to go shopping, go to the cinema, go for drinks/coffee.
      I am quite a shy person when I don’t know someone but once I get talking there is no stopping me.
      If your looking for the same kind of friendship drop me a message 🙂

    •  Mkate #47446

        Hi. Let me know is you still looking for someone 🙂 it look like we have many things in common.

        •  Emma #47454

            Hey, yeah I’m still looking for friends. Send me an email to and we can chat 😀

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