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  •  Emilia #44042

      Hi my name is Emilia I’m 27 years old having throuble to meet new people maybe because I was so busy with my old work what was big mistake I change job but all the people have there own friends and don’t really have time or doing things with there own friends I know it’s pretty sad not to have too many friends most of friends what I have here have kids families and don’t really have time I would love to meet new friends go out shopping drinks girls night out if u would like to me meet me or have chat this is my email

    •  Níamh #44069

        Where are you located Emilia?

        •  Emilia #44078

            South dublin cabintely/cherrywood

        •  Maria #44101

            Hi just out of a long relationship same I’d love to have someone to go for a few drinks with mail me

          •  Sabrina #44121

              Hey. Same situation with me would love new friends been living here 4 years now most of my friends living out of dublin! Would b great to meet up! Email me


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