New friends and exchange language and cultural in Galway

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  •  Michael #44028

      Hello guys . . . my name is Michael and I’m an italian boy of 28 yeasr old. I’ll arrive in Galway in next week for a month in order to improve my english language. I’d like to meet new people for have a fun time and also to have an exchange-language and experience. If you are curious to meet me, I’m willing and I would happy. I attend you . . . have a nice day 🙂

    •  dave #44066

        email me for more information

        your English seems fine to me

      •  Gracie #44084

          just make sure you use the correct word craic and not crack 😀

          •  Cormac #44089

              Yep, enjoying craic, and crack, are two entirely different things 😀

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