New friends Cork?

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  •  Megan #45288


      I’m Megan, i’m in my early twenties, from west cork and have been living in Cork City a few months now. I have recently started to drift from a lot of my friends due to them moving abroad or work/college circumstances and so I feel this would be the perfect time to get to know some new people 🙂

      I love going to the cinema, shopping, going for coffee and all the usual stuff 🙂

      Look forward to hearing from you 🙂

    •  aoife mc #46143

        Im 24 living just outside cork city moved here a yr ago but only really know work friends. I like cinema going out , the usual stuff 🙂 get in touch if you want to chat :)………..

        •  megan #48915

            Hi Aoife,

            Apologies for such a delayed reply but thanks for your message non the less 🙂

            If you ever find yourself at a lose end feel free to message me as am always up for hanging out with new people 🙂

            Hope Cork is treating you well,
            Meghan 🙂

            •  Marian #48928

                Hi guys,

                I’m Marian, 27, an intern, looking to meet new people. If you’de like to get in contact my number is 0857587384…

                Look forward to hearing from you,

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