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  •  Shauna #45958

      Hi , I’m 24 based in Dublin and looking to make new friends. A lot of my friends are away travelling so looking to meet new people , go cinema , chats , nights out etc ! Email me
      If your interested in meeting up for a girls outing !😍😍

    •  Sinead #45961

        Hi Shauna,

        I’m 22 and also Dublin based looking to make new friends. Like you a lot of my friends are off travelling so I just want someone to hang out with. email me

      •  Lisa #45977

          Hey girls 😊I’m Lisa and 25 and just moved to Dublin from Cork! Starting to find it tough because I’m usually a quite outgoing person but don’t know many people up here!! My email is if either of you are interested in chatting or a few drinks or something ☺

        •  Ina #45992

            Hi girls,

            i’m an 18 year old girl from austria and i’m here in dublin for 5 weeks. i arrived on monday to work cause i got a “summerjob” in the city. unfortunately i don’t know anybody in dublin so i’d love to meet some people to hang out with – it’s pretty boring to stroll around alone.
            write me an email if you’d like to meet 😀

          •  Claire #45995

              Hey girls! My name’s Claire and I’m living out in Dublin 15 working as an Au Pair. I’m from Edinburgh so really don’t know anyone around here. Would love a wee night out though!😊

              •  Shauna #46627

                  Hi Claire! Super sorry it has taken me so long to write back, so many people emailed me directly I never thought to actually check if anyone had responded to my post! Funnily enough I met up with another girl on this and we both live in Dublin. 15!

                  I have been to Edinburgh freaking loved it!

                  Be great to hear from you and we could meet up for a Coffee or cinema whatever you think?

                  Email me directly, or add me on Facebook Shauna Ashley Wosser!

                  Hope to hear from you!

              •  Hannah #46008

                  Hey! I’d love to hang out. I’m from the US and just arrived in Dublin a few days ago, but I don’t know anybody here yet.

                •  Becky #46016

                    Hi Shauna,

                    Im Becky and I’m 24 and new to town, I just moved here from England, so I don’t really know anyone at all and would definitely be up for a girls night out – they are always fun. My emails address is if you wanted to get to know each other 😀

                  •  Tanya #46030

                      Hey girls
                      Mail me if yis wana chat and meet up sometime 🙂

                    •  Sarah #46081


                        I am Sarah, a 20 yo French fellow from Paris 🙂
                        I would love to discover Ireland and make new friends. I am obsess with music, bands and photography – typical, haha. I live near Dublin – about 40 minutes. I am an au pair, and would like to go out on the weekends, go to gigs, festivals or just have a drink and go shopping.

                        •  Emma #46683

                            Hi Sarah, i’m also french and i just arrived in Dublin so if you contact me we can meet sometime 🙂

                        •  Tanya #46083

                            Heya Shauna
                            Sent ya a mail 🙂

                          •  Sara #46130

                              Hey Sarah from France!!

                              Send me a message please:

                            •  Eni #46134

                                hey ladies 🙂 I’m Eni originally from hungary but moved here from London around a month ago.
                                Since that time unfortunatelly Im quiet alone don’t really know people around yet. Would be nice to go out girly nights etc. So email me if you like 🙂

                              •  Eni #46135

                                  Oh yeah my email is

                                •  Antara #46145

                                    Hi Girls,

                                    I am in Dublin since about 2 years, but most of my friends are either away or moving to different places. I would love to have new female friends :). Please get in touch. I am 26 years old, from Mumbai 🙂

                                    •  Tanya #46164

                                        Hi Antara
                                        Mail me if u wana chat 🙂

                                        Hooe too hear from u soon 🙂

                                    •  Dee #46161

                                        Hi girls,

                                        I’m Dee, I’m 27 and from Wicklow. Just looking to find new friends to hang out with. Did the opposite and moved from Dublin but I’m always there so is a handy place to meet up if anyone is interested 🙂

                                      •  Laylipops #46195

                                          Hello there!
                                          I have the same problem here. I’m from France and am 25. I live in Swords for 2 years now and am really tired of being bored all the time… I tried many things to make new friends but none of them worked for the moment… If interested in chatting, please email me at:

                                        •  Priya #46283

                                            Hi ladies, My name is Priya, I’ve been living in Dublin for a few years now and I’ll like to meet new people to go out with 🙂

                                          •  Maura #46285

                                              Hi! Just back from an Erasmus Year and would like to meet new friends in Dublin 🙂

                                            •  niamh #46671

                                                Hi ladies. I’m 24 and have been living in Dublin for a few years now. Just looking to expand my social circle so if anyone is interested in chatting then pop us a mail. Thanks!

                                              •  Caspar #46672

                                                  Hi Guys. Fresh of the boat 29 year old Dutch guy looking to meet new people. Feel free to email me at

                                                •  Sharon #46676

                                                    Hey Everyone, Im a 29 year old looking to meet people for drinks, coffee, dinner, cinema or whatever! My email is if you would like to meet up 🙂

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