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  •  Emma #42588

      Hi, I am looking to make new friends in Dublin. Most of my friends are not from Ireland and one by one they are drifting back to their home countries. Sadly this means I’m back to square one. I’m in my early 30’s and looking to meet up, go for a coffee, pint or cinema (not all at once).

    •  sarah #42589

        Hi, Emma. What’s your email?

        •  Kathleen #42590

            Hi Emma,

            I’m in the same boat as you and have similar interests just looking to make new friends I’m in Dublin also


        •  Kelly #42593

            Hey get in touch x

          •  A #42594

              Hi Emma. . .
              I am in the same boat . . . All the girls have moved away 1by1 back to counties outside Dublin so it starting to feel very quiet. . .

              Miss meeting up for glass of wine or going for a walk for a good chat 🙂

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