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  •  Nadine #47306

      Looking ti make new friends in dublin as mine have either moved away due to college
      Really just looking for people to go out with, go for lunches and coffee alk the usual stuff πŸ™‚

    •  Steph #47307

        Hey Nadine πŸ™‚

        My name is Stephanie but go by Steph., 24 years of age. Pretty much in the same boat except all my friends are in relationships and don’t particularly have time for me. I’m based in South Dublin.

        Interests pretty much anything but mainly: Photography, cinema, music and comedy gigs, going on walks, bowling, cycling…

        If you want to talk more, feel free to email me πŸ™‚

        •  Nadine #47308

            Heya Steph πŸ™‚

            Yeah same to you there’s my email πŸ™‚


            •  Leah #47317

                Hey Nadine and Steph πŸ™‚

                Im Leah, 25, I just graduated college and also looking for some friends to hang out with and do fun stuff with . I’ve never met friends this way but it seems like a good way to meet like minded people. I’m also in the south side area of Dublin πŸ™‚

                •  Steph #47327

                    Hey πŸ™‚ I’m the same! First time friend searching online. Met up with someone from here (New To Town) today for the first time and it went really well so looking forward to meeting other people too πŸ™‚

                    Feel free to email me Leah (and anyone else) on πŸ™‚

            •  Nadine #47323

                Heya Leah πŸ™‚

                Yeah neither have I, just thought I’d give it a go haha. If you wanna talk or whatever there’s my email πŸ™‚


              •  Charu #47352

                  Hi guys,
                  Same here. I am from Dublin 8. my email is

                •  kilian #47354

                    Hey Guys,
                    Same kind of boat, friends moving away or in college. interested in coffees, chats cinema etc
                    I live outisde dublin but up most of the time

                  •  Kyle lynch #47355

                      Hey everyone my name is Kyle im 25 originally from Derry in the north of Ireland. Moved to Dublin maybe 4 months ago and find it very hard to make friends 😢 which I never did before. Anyways because im soo far away from my friends and family it can get a bit lonely/boring just being on my own all the time. So if anyone here fancies going for a few drinks today I’d be much obliged my email is look forward to hearing from you guys.

                    •  Olivia #47358

                        Hi everyone!
                        My name is Olivia, 24, I’m Irish but have just moved back to Ireland after studying and working in London and Brussels. Same as everyone else really, friends have moved to Australia (main reason I have a dislike for the country!) and other countries. Never done this before, modern world eh! Anyway I like to do all sorts really – gigs, movies, fashion. It could be a cool idea to all meet for a drink to ‘break the ice’, like on big blind date! Let me know if anyone is interested. πŸ™‚

                        •  Steph #47359

                            I’m definitely up for this Olivia! πŸ˜€ Unfortunately busy this weekend – Saturday is my grandfathers birthday “party”/celebration with family and Sunday I’ll be getting eyes checked for new glasses. No idea how long I’d be! I can be booked for next week/weekend though? πŸ™‚

                            About me: 24 year old by the name of Stephanie but I mainly go by Steph. Interested in: Blogging, photography, cinema, bowling, skating/ice-skating, travelling, shopping trips, eating continental food, music/comedy gigs…..

                            For anyone: Feel free to email me on You can also add me on Facebook. My name is Steph Palmer on it. In my profile picture I’m sitting down by the sea with my legs crossed. Apparently searching for me by email doesn’t work. To what I’m searching right now, there aren’t that many Steph Palmers on Facebook. Ignore all the Stephanie ones. πŸ™‚ Also easier to put the result type on the left hand side of the page to just “People” too.

                          •  Brais #47369

                              Hi olivia!

                              I am new in the city, like you! I would like to meet you to drink a coffee or to do an activity!

                              Do you have face?

                              Cheers, Brais

                          •  Abhishek #47364

                              Hi everyone,
                              This is Abhishek. I am new to this city and i don’t have friends here thats why always getting bored on weekend. I am 26 year old and having job here. I like to go out meet peoples.Please let me know if anyone likes to be friend.thx

                            •  Annie #47366

                                Hi! I just moved to Dublin 9, 2 weeks ago. I’m from Canada, 21 year old, doing an AU Pair and I am in need of friends.
                                My Facebook is Annie Binicki if anyone is interested in hanging out.

                              •  Brais #47368

                                  Hi everybody!

                                  I am Brais from Spain! I am 24 years old, more or less the same age of the rest. I would like to meet people here in Dublin. I arrived 1 month ago to work.

                                  If you like to do thinks, not stop send me an email! Probably we will have fun moments! Beers, coffees, sports, activities! πŸ˜‰

                                •  Strade #47381

                                    m name is maria , originally from spain, north, ..
                                    i m really up to meet up all of u πŸ™‚

                                    living in d1 and love cats..

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