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  •  Frances #47313

      Hi I m looking for girls to hang around in the Dun Laoghaire area for coffee, eating out, walks etc
      I ‘m 40

    •  Kerry #47316

        Hi there, I am 39, relatively new to the area and know nobody so would like to meet knew people.

        •  Frances #47319

            Hi Kerry, that’s great.
            Today I went to the People park and to The pier with My doggie. We could go out together for a walk one evening. Where are You from?

            •  Kerry #47360

                Hi Frances, thx for the reply, just getting used to using the site so sorry only getting back to you know. I am from South Africa, love dogs and walking too

            •  paulina #48283

                Hi France’s,

                Saw your post and I’m from the same area
                Would love to meet up if you would.

                I have been living there for some time.
                I love keeping fit, walking and I have two dogs.
                I’m away in USA and return home soon.
                Get in touch if you like.

            •  orla #47321

                Hi Kerry, How are you? Where are you from? Are you interested in going for drinks/dancing in town sometime? My e-mail is : if you like to get in touch

                •  Kerry #47361

                    Hi Orla, I am from South Africa, I work in town, so drinks after work sounds great!

                •  orla #47322

                    Hi Frances, I’m not from the southside , but if your interested in having drinks out in town sometime you could mail me at :

                    •  Frances #47328

                        Hi Orla, perfect I come to town at least once a week. I’ll let you know when.

                    •  orla #47329

                        Hi Frances, Where are you from? Do you like going to pubs/music bars?

                        •  Frances #47337

                            I’m Italian. Yes, I do.
                            where do you usually go?

                        •  orla #47341

                            Hi, can you e-mail me if you would like to chat if that suits you

                          •  Kerry #47362

                              Hi I’m 39, l live in Dun Laoghaire, would like to make friends in the area. Love dogs, walking, going out for drinks, lunch etc. Sitting at home alone is getting to me, so if you would like to meet please feel free to email me.

                              •  Frances #47372

                                  i can’t email you. I dont’ see The optionan anymore. Can you email me?

                                •  paulina #48284

                                    Hi Kerry,

                                    I’m getting use to this site. If you are interested in meeting up I’m from Dunlaoghaire too.
                                    Walks, lunches, shopping sounds great. I’m married, a child and two dogs!!

                                •  Frances #47371

                                    Kerry. What are You doing this evening? Would you like to meet up?

                                  •  orla #47373

                                      Hi Kerry, I left you an e-mail just to say if you like we could arrange a night out some weekend in town for drinks.

                                    •  Kerry #47388

                                        Hi there, I’m 39 and would like to make friends with similar interests, please mail me if you would like to make a new friend

                                      •  Diane O’Neill #48035

                                          Hi! I am looking for new friends too. Lets meet for coffee and see if we’ve anything in common, great idea.. Looking forward to hearing from you! Diane

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