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  •  Fifi35 #54063

      Hi everyone, im fiona, 35 living in north dublin. Im looking for new friends as my friends dont go out anymore, they like cinema, lunch etc which is great but im more adventurous. I love music, live gigs, cinema, weekends away, gym, animals, and im a gig freak, ive tickets to a few gigs coming up and id like someone to go with, someone whos fun, up for a laugh, and doesn’t take life too seriously 😀looking for male or female doesn’t matter! Looking forward to hearing from you all x

    •  Eilish #54481

        Hi Fiona! I’ve just signed up here so I’m a bit late seeing you’re post. My name’s 34 and based in the Wexford area. I love going to gigs and travelling but am in a similar situation to you with my friends!

        •  Fifi35 #54482

            Hi Eilish, thanks so much for your message, I think there’s a few of us in the same boat! Would be great to have a night out soon, get more people together. My num is 0861264690 if you’d like to get in touch

          •  Fifi35 #54483

              Hi Eilish, thanks for your message! Would love to organise a night out with a few others….my email is [email protected] if you’d like to chat more

          •  Orly8887 #54499

              Hi I’m north Dublin too…kinda in same boat all my friends live away iv none around this area or wanna go cinema n do things…I do feel lost I work n finish in morning n den I’m pretty much alone for t day n night b great to hear from someone n make friends..I’m orla n im 32

            •  Debossed #54583

                Hi Fiona,

                I am into Gigs etc love most stuff such as the cinema, gym , running and hiking and lots other stuff but do them on my own so would be nice to have a friend to share my interests.

                Best regards.

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                •  Eilish #54590

                    Hey D,

                    Are you based in Dublin?

                    •  Debossed #54591

                        Hi Eilish,

                        I’m 20 mins from Dublin city centre. I’m M though.


                        •  Eilish #54592

                            Hi D,

                            Ok. Well it doesn’t look like there will be any socializing done for a while now anyway unfortunately!


                    •  Debossed #54597

                        Seems that way for the moment but once it is over, there will be lots of socialising to be had.

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