New Friends in Cork City

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  •  Lo102 #53157

      Hi all, my name is Leah and I’ve lived in Cork city my whole life. I’m 18 and recently my social situation has changed and I’m looking to meet some new friends!😊 With my work schedule it has been hard to get out and meet new people so I’m giving this a go.
      I love going for food, drinks, shopping, cinema etc. and I’d love to meet some girls with similar interests.
      Hope to hear from some of you 😊

    •  Neita #53167

        My name is Janet and i moved with my boyfriend here a month ago, we both are working so meeting only in weekends. It has been difficult to find friends normally with my work so i’m trying like this. It will be really nice to meet girl in my age! (Im 19) Of course if you are still interested.

        •  Lo102 #53178

            Hi Janet! Of course! Do you have an email address or number I can contact you on? 😊

        •  23boy #53307

            Hi! My name is Grzegorz, I’m 23 years male. I live in Dublin, but spend lot of time in Cork – my work required this from me. That’s why I am looking for friends here. Usually I stay in Douglas, but I have car so place to meet shouldn’t be problem. If you Leah or anyone wants to meet me, my e-mail is [email protected].

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