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  •  Addie #41701

      Hiya my name is Addie (F), I’m 21 living in Dublin for a while, over 2years to be precise, settled in well made some friends but due to circumstances like work and everyone just being too busy to meetup we grew apart. Now I’m just looking for friends to hang out and spend some time with. I enjoy going to the cinema(A LOT) 😛 i like going out maybe just for a quiet one, few drinks or even a proper night out clubbing. I plan on starting the gym soon so if you will be interested we can be gym partners too :). So basically just looking for someone to spend my spare time with as friends or even best of friends 🙂
      Please get back to me if you’ll like to talk more and we see how it goes 😉

    •  Michelle #41719

        Hi Addie!

        How are you?

        Hope I’m not replying too late, just came across your ad while was googling stuff 🙂

        I really liked what you said and basically, well, it sounded an awful lot like me 🙂
        My name’s Michelle, I am 25.
        Been in Dublin for ages now but same thing, due to circumstances kinda grew apart with lots of people I used to know (most of them are gone now).
        I have to say, I like going to the movies (a lot), too 🙂
        I also don’t mind an occassional night out and would love to have a girlfriend in my life to go for a few drinks and a girlie chat on a Friday night. You get me 🙂
        Also, I enjoy working out every now and then and joining the gym is on my ‘TO DO’ list in 2014! Ideally, doing this together with a new friend 🙂

        Ok. Enough for now, I gave you a bit of an insight so you know what I like and please, feel free to respond if you’d like 🙂
        My direct email address is
        Might be easier that way 🙂

        Thanks, Addie!

        Have a good night!


        •  Nadine #41753

            Hey there
            Just came accross your post I am Nadine and looking for a friend too.Gimme a shout if you like to meet up .

        •  david #41731

            hi david here from Dublin easygoing genuine, fun outgoing, looking to expand my social life, love going out pubs clubs, cinema,. meals, dancing, gym, would love to hear from you.

          •  Sara #41746

              I’m a 22 year old swedish girl.
              Looking for friends to go on hikes, clubs and do other adventures with 🙂
              I Love to try new things!

              Contact me at:

              Have a lovely day,

            •  Daniel #41749

                Hi, I’m new in the city and trying to find friends… I love going to the cinema and I plan to go to the gym soon as well!! 😉
                So… let me know if I can meet you in the city.
                You can contact me on my e-mail: or Facebook:

              •  Girl #41763


                  I’m 25 years old girl and i’m comming to Dublin to study for two weeks and have a little fun (April 26th – Ma 10th). I want to know friends to go for a cup of coffee or maybe glass of beer in the evening. I can add yoju on fb, if you sent me your details.

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                  •  Nadine #41773

                      Hey what ur facebook

                  •  Simona #41788

                      Hey Guys!
                      Im Simona (26) from Slovakia. Have been living in Dublin for half a year. Would be ncie to meet new people and friends. 🙂 Hope to get in touch with you 🙂
                      Facebook : SImona Elsikova

                    •  Nadine #41824

                        Hi do you wanna get in touch

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