New friends in Dublin :P

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  •  B #45957

      Sup! Just looking to make a few new friends…branch out!
      I like the usual stuff really.. food, cinema, shopping, nights out, chillin etc
      I’m 28 . Don’t know how this thing works or if it even works ha?

    •  Ewa #45971

        I am 27yo female renting an apartment in Dublin 1.
        I am new to Dublin started a job in here more then a month ago.
        I work as data analyst in insurance company and I am struggling to make new friends here.
        There are plenty of meet-ups organized in here but it is bit hard to find regular buddies.
        If you want to get to know me email me echajdys at gmail.

      •  Michael #45983

          Hey well I’m looking for someone around the south Dublin area.My email is

          Great to meet ya man i’m from dublin 14 too. I’m looking for new friend sto hang out round the area really. You can check out my facebook profile if you want but I don’t think it’s searchable cause there’ too many photos of me wrecked haha and employers and all that jazz.

          Into the regular stuff as well.

        •  Paddy #46072


            Im 28 too in D6. Give me a shout if you want to hang out

          •  Pete #46293

              Hey Paddy

              I’ve just moved to Dublin so looking to meet new people. Unfortunately my job has a lot of older guys who don’t enjoy the finer things in life like blowing the froth of a few on a Friday evening! Anyway give us a shout if you fancy a few pints so hopefully I can get out and see a bit of the City.



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