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  •  T.J #44074

      Hey guys,

      So I’ve been living in Galway for the guts of half a year now working and I still haven’t made a single friend.

      I’m not bad with talking with people. I’m a very outgoing person it’s just that people don’t normally stick around long enough to be good mates with. So I find myself doing pretty much nothing. All of the time.

      I think it’s about time I made some good friends here.

      My name is T.J. and I’m 22 years old.
      Currently went through a bit of a rough patch with some stuff so I’m living near enough to tuam at the moment in my brother in laws parents house.

      I will be looking to move back into the city at the start of December sometime so best try to start making friends now.

      I’m a bit of a random character and I love the craic.

      So if anyone wants a new pal give me a bell.
      I’d be free after 5:30 to meet for a coffee or something if anyone is around as I’ll be doing pretty much nothing this week!

      Be good to get the ball rolling with some people.

      Anyone else in?
      Be nice to start a wee gang

    •  Anonymous #47750

        Hey my name is Amanda, ill be moving from Canada to Galway in March! Im looking to meet new friends! If your still interested in meeting new people feel free to shoot me a message 🙂

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