New friends in kilkenny😊

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  •  Kyra #52465

      Hey my name is Kyra, I just moved to kilkenny from Canada. I’m 21, female and looking for some friends 😊 I have weekends free so if anybody is interested in meeting up for tea or somthing that would be great!

    •  Micko #52712

        Hello krya I’m from Kilkenny if you want to meet up sometime let me know

      •  Kyra #52715

          Yeah, do you have an email or a number I could get ahold of you by?

        •  mahe094 #52719

            hey good to see you .i am from dublin .

          •  Micko #52722

              Hi Kyra are you on Kilkenny chat

            •  Sophie Zoe #52974

                Hi Kyra I’m 19 and from the Wexford area but would love to meet up or chat. 🙂

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