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  •  Jackie #42516


      Looking to make some new friends in Limerick for nights out, cinema etc.


    •  Jon #44618

        Hi there,I will be moving to limerick next week and dont really know anyone so if you’d like to meet up then let me know, I’m active outgoing into gym movies or just a coffee

      •  Anonymous #44728

          hi im in the same situation my email is

        •  Aida #46273

            Hi 🙂 I’m working as aupair at 20 minutes from Limerick! I’ve got free evenings and weekends and I would love to meet someone at the city sometimes!

          •  Alycia #46692

              Hey guys!
              I’m 22 and I moved to castletroy limerick a week ago from Canada and I’m here for 4 years. I enjoy movies, running, going to the gym, wine, ridiculous cat videos, wine, and other other basic white girl activities.
              Since I haven’t made any friends yet my game of thrones marathons have been out of control. Someone please save me with a night out or coffee date or anything!

              •  memyselfandi #53864

                  Hi 🙂 are u still looking for friends? I’m in my late 20s, I’m a girly girl who works in Limerick and was hoping to meet new people

              •  Liam #47009

                  Hi I’m in my early 30s and I’m looking for to make in West limerick or Limerick city.

                •  Liam #47010

                    Hi my name is liam I’m looking to make new friends in the west limerick or limerick city area in my early 30s.

                  •  Julie #47339

                      Hi I’m recently moved down to Limerick in the doordoyle area. I’m 27 and just generally looking for people to hang out with, get coffee, cinema or going for drinks or walks/gym.

                      •  Anna #47742

                          Hi Julie,
                          I love going to the gym, shopping and cooking. I’m looking for people to hang out with too. So contact me here if you want to meet 🙂

                      •  Julie #47340

                 is my email

                        •  Siobhan #47600

                            I moved to Limerick recently and don’t know people here. I’m looking for friends to hang with watch movies, eat food, dance really badly with. Mainly just looking for a social life 🙂
                            My email is [email protected] if interested

                            •  Anna #47743

                                Hi Siobhan,
                                I’m looking to make new friends in Limerick. I’m 24 and would love to meet sometime if you’re available 🙂

                            •  memyselfandi #53863

                                Hello 🙂 are u still looking for friends? I’m in my late 20s, love going out, make up clothes, nights out, coffee etc

                              •  Miaa #53946

                                  Hi all.
                                  I’m 22 years old female. Looking for some to hang out with and talk or do something.
                                  Maybe a cinema or just a walk with the dog.
                                  I live in Ennis but have a car so can travel to Limerick.
                                  Anyone wants to chat my email is [email protected]
                                  And we can maybe exchange Facebook?

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