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  •  ShoSho #54297


      I’m a 26 year old female in Limerick. Looking to make some new friends, male or female. I enjoy the cinema, shopping, going for drinks, nights out, meeting for lunch etc. Love to hear back from people with similar interests 😊

    •  Tomfo06 #54298

        hi I’m in the same boat as yourself. please get in touch.

      •  Xxxxxxxx #54304

          Hey. You still here ?

        •  Stuberto #54512

            Hi Shona,
            I’m actually writing on behalf of my gf which I know is odd but shes new to limerick and shy about the whole writing online to make friends so I said I would suss it out for her.
            She is early 20s and in Limerick too loves the same things that you put in your message.
            Would be great to find out if your still on this site and see if you guys click.😊

            •  ShoSho #54513


                She’s welcome to contact me if she wants to.

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            •  KatBurke1 #54957

                Hi my name is Kat and I have moved to Limerick. I would love to make new friends

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