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  •  Una #44381

      Hi folks, I’m looking to meet new friends for nights out, coffee, shopping, cinema. I’m 30, easy-going with sense of humour. Leave a message if interested

    •  Aine #44386

        Hey una. Where abouts are you?

      •  Una #44387

          Hi Aine, i’m from Carrickmacross, where you from?

        •  Aine #44388

            Cool. If you want to give me your email

          •  Patricia #44525

              Hi Una,
              I’m living in Ardee about a year and only know a few people. I’d love to meet new people and hopefully make new friends too. If you’d like to meet up you can email me.

            •  Teresa #44530

                Hi Una Aine and Patricia. I’m 25 and would like to meet friends for nights out. I’m on Louth /Monaghan area to. I’m easy going flexible and single.

                •  Patricia #44531

                    Hi there, my email is if you fancy getting in touch that would be great

                  •  Janineh20 #53469

                      Hi im just outside carrickmacross aswell email me if still interested in finding more friends.ā˜ŗ

                  •  jennifer #44558

                      Hi all,
                      My names jennifer, i live just outside carrickmacross.

                    •  attracta #48152

                        Hi girls,I’m Attracta living in the carrickmacross area and 33.ld love some new people for nights out,meeting up for coffee and chats.Attracta

                      •  Bee #51104

                          Hello all,

                          I know the post I now write to is slightly dated, however I just stumbled across it on a Google search whilst searching for things to do in Monaghan.

                          I’m Leah, 30yrs old and have living in Monaghan 7 weeks after relocating here from London. I have moved as my partner is Irish. I have been going back to England and friends and family have been visiting me. I head into Dublin often, but I do hope to meet some amazing friends closer by for coffee, chats, shopping, dancing (even if dancing ridiculously) exploring… you know, just the “normal” things that friends do.

                          I will create a post but as I came across this one I thought I’d see if anyone was still about from this post.

                          Warm regards


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                        •  Fungirl1984 #51187

                            Newly single, 32, living in Drogheda. The majority of my friends are married and settled down with kids. No one has time to do anything anymore and as I’m newly single I feel we are on completely different wave lengths. I’m looking for a girl or a few girls even to become friends with and go out to nightclubs with and just hang out together in general. I’m Irish, I love dancing in nightclubs, I love relaxing and watching movies, I’m open and honest. I’m fun and generally up for anything for a laugh. Looking for a new best friend really šŸ™‚

                          •  Lauraloulou #52952

                              Hi Leah, una, patricia, aine amd attractant (think I have everyone) sorry this is late. I live in monaghan town and am looking a few new friends. Been living in monaghan a few years. Drop me an email [email protected]

                            •  Gracey.c #53330

                                Hi all,

                                Not sure if this reply is too late. Just did a google search aswell and this came up.
                                Newly single 34yo and a single mum to teenage boy in the Castleblayney area.
                                Would love to meet other ladies for coffee chats etc 😊

                                •  Lauraloulou #53341

                                    Hi Gracey, I’m living in Monaghan town. Drop me an email . šŸ™‚

                                •  Emermcn #54581

                                    Hi guys, i know this thread is very out of date but im 28 moved to Carrickmacross from Dublin. Looking to meet some new people in my area šŸ™‚

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