New friends Meath

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  •  Laura #44715

      Hi I’m looking to make new girl friends to hang out with go cinema, shopping etc…
      Please comment or send me an email if your interested!:-)

    •  Laetitia #45025

        Hi Laura, where are you from?

      •  Jude #47730

          Hi Laura, I’m Brenda, I live in Kells, I’m looking to meet friends in Meath, I’m in my thirties, give me a shout if similar

          •  Emma #47733

              Hi Brenda I just saw your post there, I live about 8 miles from kells and am in my thirties and looking for similar

              •  Anonymous #48399

                  Hello there. Based near Navan and in my late 20s. Looking to make some fun friends in their 20s/30s to hang out with at the weekends / in the evenings

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