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  •  Claire1Michelle #54011

      Hi, I’m Claire, 29 (soon 30), moved back to Dublin after 3 years in London. My old friends have either settled down or moved abroad, so I’m looking for some new female (but open to male) friends to have dinner/drinks, cinema and shop with.

      I work in town and live in South Dublin, but obviously not going to say no to a Northsider πŸ˜‰

    •  Rose #54023

        Hi Claire
        I’m Rose. I unfortunately am living north side please don’t hold that against me. I’m nearly 27 and love to go for dinner, drinks shopping coffee and just have a good chat. Looking to make new friends. If your interested in meeting up send me an email
        [email protected]

        •  Claire1Michelle #54029

            Hi Rose,

            Sorry for the delay getting back to you. I’ve tried emailing you, but it doesn’t seem to be sending.

            Don’t worry I won’t hold the fact that you’re living on the north side against you.

        •  HDude #54092

            Hello Claire,

            I live on the Southside also, Clondalkin to be precise. Just finished University for summer break. Would be nice to hangout dinner and cinemas. Do give me a shout if you are still looking for friends….

            •  Gracelou #54596

                Hi I am Grace and also live in clondalkin if your still looking for some friends let me know.

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