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  •  Meath Girl #45797

      Hi I’m 23 from Meath! I’m looking to meet new girls in the Meath/Louth/Dublin area. I have drifted from my school friends with my job and college and I just want to meet new people I can call for a chat or to go cinema, walking etc… I hope there is someone else in the same situation! Please drop me a message 🙂

    •  Geminicw #45799

        Hey Meath girl,
        I’m the same ha I just moved to Dublin so trying to make to friends here. If you mail me we can chat 🙂

      •  Shauna #45826

          Im from Dublin, and my tight group of friends are leaving to go traveling in September, looking to make more friends!

        •  michelle #45834

            Hi im looking to makes some new friends to im 25 yesrs old ftom dublin

          •  michelle #45835

              Hi shauna im looking to make some new friends to i hope u will get back to me

            •  Lisa #45975

                Hey girls, my name is Lisa and I’m 25 I just moved to Dublin from Cork for work! I really don’t know many people and am starting to feel isolated 🙈
                If anyone wants to chat or interested in doing something my email is

              •  Lisa #45976

                  I just realised I typed 25 I’m act 24 😂😂😂😂
                  Dunno how that happened 😂😂😂

                •  Sarah #46103

                    Hi girls!

                    I am Sarah, a 20 yo from Paris. I love cinemas, travels, books. I am near Dublin – about 40 minutes, and would like to make new friends to hang out with on the week-ends!
                    E-mail me 👉 💫💃

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