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      Im a married 34 year old mother of 2 beautiful girls living in drogheda. I have lived here for the last ten years and know no-one apart from a few pleasant neighbours on my road. Im having a hard time in my marriage at the moment and i am also desling with a tough depression. Right now my husband opened his own company this year which keeps him fulfilled in providing for his family and also has a quite good social life aswell. I on the other hand am at home 24/7 taking care of the house and my family as we cant afford for me to work and pay for childcare. I feel i have totally lost my identity as a young woman and have no friends in this world to talk to or socialise with. I have never been a girly girl who likes big long girly chats o a coffee morning but i do love a girly nite out be it the cinema, bingo, a disco bar i really enjiy it. But to be honest i dont think i have had one night out in 2012 and feel so alone and bored and crave some conversation and a night out without my husband but a nite i can let mh hair down and feel my age again. I need to make some friends, i have nobody but my family snd feel so alone!

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