New gal friends in Dublin :)

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  •  Sabrina #44125

      Hey there. Just looking to make new friends in Dublin. I’m 31 and am living here for over 4 and a half years! Dublin can be a lonely spot especially when you have friends living outside the country, are married, have kids etc! I love to do the usual girlie things.. Shopping, eating out, a few drinks, cinema , keeping fit and also relaxing! Would love to hear from likeminded girls. Just email me Thanks!! πŸ™‚


    •  sarah #44149

        I will be happy to be ur friend

      •  Mags #44180

          hey Sabrina I’m in the same position, I’m 29… Get in touch if u fancy meeting up

          •  Sabrina #44226

              Hi Mags. Sorry just saw your message, you can email me on and we can take it from there πŸ™‚

          •  kami #44191

              sarah can i have ur viber number

            •  aoife #44249

                I’m in the same boat. My email is Happy xmas

              •  vicky #44265

                  Hi guys. I’m 30, living in swords…same situation prob like most of you…just wondering if you guys met up or anything? Where you all based

                •  livvy o #44273

                    Hi girls

                    Looking to meet new people make some new friends
                    Be great to hear from you
                    Liv πŸ™‚

                    Here’s my email:

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