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  •  Heather07 #52584

      Hey girls, I’m new to this site! Recently moved from the country to Dublin and I’m finding it soo hard to meet genuine nice girls. I have my work friends but we never do anything outside of work so I’m in need of a cinema/coffee buddy! I love all things girly from going shopping to just having the chats… I’m 25 and living in south Dublin 😊 I’m not really sure how this site works or if anybody has met up from it but if your interested let me know! 🙂 xx

    •  Sarah #52589

        Hi heather im also in south dublin need new girly pals if u want to email me to chat [email protected]

      •  hill23 #52590

          Hi girls , I am in the exact same boat as ye. I am a 23 year old girl and also living in South Dublin. Send me an email if you would like it is [email protected]

        •  Katie Louise #52611

            Hey girls, Im the same as yourselfs I’m 21 and living in south Dublin 😊 If you would like to chat send me an email [email protected]

          •  katyhoek #52631

              Hi Ladies!!! I’m in the same boat 🙁 22 and just moved to Dublin from the US, would love to meet up for a cup of coffee
              Feel free to email me. [email protected]

            •  Erin #52676

                Hi Gals,

                Kind of in the same boat as you guys. Living in south Dublin, am 26, drifted apart from school/college friends and basically just looking to get some ladies back in my life and stop annoying the boyfriend!

                Love going for coffees, chilling etc.. so give me shout 🙂

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              •  Kirsty #52678

                  Hi Ladies,

                  I am brand new to Dublin (2nd day) and would like to meet some new people. I’m 27 and living in south Dublin. Drop me an email if you fancy a chat [email protected]

                •  Jordan Montgomery #52680

                    Hey! I’m from the States, but I am currently studying at UCD. I am 24 years old, and also live in South Dublin. Would love some girls for chats, coffee, or drinks! Absolutely no clue how this cite works but feel free to shoot me an email 🙂 [email protected]

                  •  Farah #52684

                      Hi there everyone. I’m also new to town lol and would like to meet some nice girls to hand out with. Also in the south of Dublin I’m 27. Drop me a mail [email protected]

                    •  danni9 #52699

                        Hey girls!

                        This is me also! I’m from the north, Co. Armagh and just returned to Ireland (Dublin) from London and don’t really know anyone here!

                        I’m 25, some of my interests: fashion, fitness, nature, travelling, wine/nights out, music/sports events etc!

                        Let me know if anyone would like to grab a drink/do something – my email is: [email protected] 🙂

                      •  Dara #53263

                          Hi Heather,
                          My name’s Dara. I saw your thread on new to town. I’m 27f, I moved to south dublin 3 weeks ago for work and would like to meet new people and hopefully make some new friends. I enjoy traveling around Ireland and elsewhere, going out, going for walks, cooking and trying new things .

                          Hope to hear from you if you’re interested.


                        •  LeanneM26 #53287

                            Hi Ladies,

                            Im not if this thread is still going or if im too late 🙂 my name is Leanne and im 27. Living in South Dublin. I am in Dublin 4 years and im now finding that a lot of people are headig seperate ways or moving back down the country so i am looking to expand my circle. I like all the usual things, coffee, cocktails, shopping, cinema, walks and the gym 😛 well love to hate it.

                            Feel free to pop me a mail 🙂
                            [email protected]

                            Leanne 😊

                            •  Dolav #53291

                                Same boat from the country just moved up south dublin. Why is so hard to meet people here 🙁 It’s not like back at home lol. We should all have a girls night “culchie gang” girls are in town ☺

                            •  lornaaaaa #53364

                                Hey there girls! 😊
                                I’m Lorna, a 21 year old student primary school teacher from Wicklow who lives in Dublin and basically in the same boat. Would love to meet some of you girls, if this thread is still going. I am so up for this “Culchie Gang” night out also!! 😍
                                My email address is [email protected], feel free to email me, i’d love to hear from you.

                              • #53380

                                  Hi girls 🙂
                                  Have you guys met yet?
                                  I moved in Dublin 2 today, for work, and will be staying at least 1 year! I’m 24 y-o from Canada and would love to meet new people, im open to pretty much anything – walk around the city during the day, visit museums, go hiking in the country, go on pub crawls!

                                  Let me know!

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