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  •  Niamh #48212

      Hi there ladies. I’m in my mid 20s and living in Dublin a number of years now. Most of my friends have moved away abroad or are settling down elsewhere. I am into the cinema, nights out, brunch, shopping, gym…all the usual stuff! I would love to meet some like minded girls for coffee or drinks. Get in touch if this sounds like you πŸ™‚

    •  rach1122 #48259

        hi my name is Rachel I am from Dublin but living in wexford , I moved back from the uk 3 months and go love going shopping seeing fims and going for coffe get in touch

      •  Jane #48286


          I am also based in Dublin and working there too. As with you my friends are either settling down or have moved elsewhere. Be great to meet some new people for nights out/cinema etc.


        •  Noelle #48289

            Sounds like me! Any of you out tonight? πŸ™‚

          •  Eimear O’Connor #48292

              Hey there Im up for meeting up for drinks too, πŸ™‚

            •  Renate Pauce #48296

                Hi Girls!!

                Would definitely be up for meeting!!

                Most of my girlfriends have either moved or in relationships now..!

                •  Renate Pauce #48298

                    Also my email is if you’d like to get in touch! πŸ™‚

                •  Ciaralo #48313

                    Hi Girls,
                    Just discovered this site tonight. In the same boat as yourselves. I’m 28 work shift work most of my friends have settled down or moved away. Would love to meet some new friends that would be up for nights out, cinema, even just tea and a chat.

                  •  kate24 #48321


                      I’ve been living in Dublin for almost 2 years but most of my friends have moved away or are getting married/having kids. It would be so nice to meet some new people. I love the cinema and shopping and a good cuppa.


                    •  grainne24 #48345

                        Hi all

                        I am just after moving to Dublin after being away from Ireland for several years and found all my friends are either in relationships or have moved.

                        Would like to meet some new friends for nights out/cinema/shopping etc.


                      •  Laraevans #48346

                          Hey girls,
                          I am new to Dublin, just got here a few days ago and would also love to meet up with some girls for coffee or a drink! Anyone up for anything tonight or tomorrow night? I haven’t seen much of the city yet for lack of company. πŸ™

                        •  Laura #48347

                            Hi, I’m Laura, Italian, I moved to Dublin three weeks ago, I am working as au-pair and I need to meet new friends. I’m up for tomorrow night πŸ™‚

                          •  Katerina #48352

                              Hi all.
                              Im originally from Russia, have lived in Ireland for 16 years. Unfortunately have similar situation-most of my school friends are not in Dublin or married and have their own friends now. Would love to go out for a tea/coffee or a drink!

                            •  Mary #48353

                                Hi girls πŸ™‚

                                I’m in a similar situation as alot of yous. I’ve lived in Dublin all my life but most of my friends have either moved away for college or work. I’m 23 and would love to meet up for nights out or more casual stuff during the day. Here’s my email feel free to message me. And if you wanna add me on Facebook I can send you my link πŸ™‚ xx

                              •  Jodie #48361

                                  im in a simular situation, all my friends are just not around anymore. I would love to meet new people!

                                •  ggfan86 #48364

                                    Hi girls. I’m from Dublin, 30, back from travelling a couple of months now. A lot of my friends don’t live here anymore, so it would be nice to meet other people around my age. I’m not big into nightclubs, but I like going out for dinner and drinks, brunch, coffee, the cinema, walks, reading good books and the odd bit of shopping. Email me if you’re in the same boat! I’m at πŸ™‚

                                  •  Alyssa #48371

                                      Hi Niamh,
                                      My name is Alyssa, and I’m 23. I moved to Dublin from the states in August. I have a very small network of friends, and am looking to expand. I’d love to get a drink or coffee with you sometime.

                                    •  rach1122 #48432

                                        Hi I would love to make new friends and would love to meet up for drinks and going out if any one is around next weekend in Dublin

                                      •  Catherine #48437

                                          Hi girls I’m in the same boat! A lot of my friends have moved away or getting married! Would love to meet up and do things if anyone is interested! Living in Dublin and I’m 27 my email is πŸ™‚ X

                                        •  Liliana #48448

                                            Hi girls

                                            My name is Liliana and I live in Dublin for 4 years now and pretty much in the same situation as you all.

                                            Would be great to meet you all or some of you for a night out or coffee sometime…

                                            My email is

                                            Maybe we could even have a whatsapp group?

                                            Well would be great to hear from you πŸ™‚

                                          •  krystal #48757

                                              Hey 😄 im in the same boat as you all! Shocking stuff happening at our age 😂 I’m 25 an most of my friends have babies or moved so all priorities have changed! Miss having my girlos for chats lunches an nights out.. here’s my email if any of you’s are interested in meeting up for a chat 😄

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