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  •  samantha #44485

      Hi my name samantha 27 most of my friends have moved away or working so I bearly see dem looking for new girly friends to hang out with for walks,chats,cinema etc.

    •  Michelle #44489

        Hi Samantha im the same im looking to meet new friends to i hope you will reply back

        •  gaby #44504

            Hi Samantha, I would love to meet you I’m in the same situation. Let me know. Gabs

        •  S #44507

            Hey ladies same situation my email is if ye are interested in chatting.

            •  Grace #44511

                Hi All, I’m in the same situation just started a new job in Dublin and would love to meet some new friends. I’m 28 and live close to the city center.
                Hope to hear back .

            •  Trish #44512

                Hi there:) I’m a 28y/o female working in dublin- I’m pretty bubbly and outgoing. Most of my friends are in long term relationships/ married or living abroad so unfortunately I don’t get to see them as much as id like:) i love a good girly night out, comedy gigs, shopping trips, cuppa and chats etc. My email is if you’d like to get in contact:)

              •  Christine #44513

                  Hi all, 26 and in the same situation would love to connect with some new people 🙂

                •  Tracey #44532

                    Hi Girls,

                    I’m Tracey, I’m 27 moved to Dublin last year. Looking to make some friends in Dublin as I don’t know many people here.
                    Interested in all things girly, nights out, gym, coffee, brunch etc.

                    My email address is

                    Looking forward to hearing for you 🙂

                  •  Anne #44544

                      Hi ladies, also very similar! I’m 29, been between Dublin and abroad over the past few years and each time I come back I find good friends are that bit more settled so I’m also keen to meet some new gal pals for chats, cinema, girly nights out, etc. Cheers and hope to hear from you 🙂

                    •  hey #44561

                        Hey girls my emails

                      •  hey its samantha #44562
                        •  Lisa #44564

                            Im in the same situation and just moved here so keen for movies, music and just chatting would be good

                          •  Lisa #44565

                              my email is

                            •  fiona o’reilly #44581

                                Hey everyone, I’m in the same boat, I’m 32 and from Donnycarney, north Dublin. My friends never really go out much anymore, getting too old lol, other friends are getting married and settling down 🙁 I love music, gigs and festivals, meeting for cuppas, cinema, girly chats and travelling. I was just wondering if any of you ladies are Placebo fans and would be interested in seeing them live perhaps?!

                              •  Leanne #44598

                                  Hey ladies,

                                  I’m Leanne. I’m 25 . Living in Dundrum. I’m finding over the last few months, more and more people are disappearing from my life 🙁 they are all settling down or moving away. I like going for walks, having chats, going for coffee/cocktails, the usual girly ness . My email is , feel free to pop me an email.


                                •  fiona #44600

                                    Hi ya girls I’m living in dublin. Everyone’s coming and going I don’t know how you give your email anyone know.

                                  •  fiona #44607

                                      Got it my email is

                                    •  Michelle #44634

                                        Hey girls. I’m looking for the same. Cinema. Socialising. Meals. Walks. Chats with a cuppa

                                      •  Anonymous #44727

                                          hi im looking for sum girl friends to hang out with, go to movies, walks etc 🙂 my email is

                                        •  Sarah #44744

                                            Hey everyone I’m Sarah 22 years old and just came here about 2 weeks ago. I like to meet new people and have a nice chat or a few drinks. Let me know if you are interested . My mail address is Sarah.Boffenmayer@Gmail.
                                            I hope to hear from you.

                                          •  liv #44747

                                              hey girls i’m liv i’m 30 and i’m in the same boat lots of people disappearing and moving on would be nice to meet some new people . i like going to gigs, cinema , lunch , dinner (anything that involves food :p ) really wanna go to some festivals this year as i haven’t been to any in a long time. Be great to hear from you 🙂

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