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  •  Marie-Élise #51525

      Hey everyone! I’m Marie-Élise, native french speaker from Belgium.
      I arrived in Dublin nearly 4 months ago but I really have difficulties to meet people, and when I meet some, it’s hard for me to stay in touch because we don’t really match.
      I’m au pair in a family, I have all my evenings free (unless if I have babysitting evening – pretty rare) and all my weekends are off.
      I’m quite shy but when you get to know me, I’m a very nice and friendly person.
      I’d like to meet someone (man or woman no preference) who would like to share some activities like eating out, having a drink, travelling around the city, visiting some interesting sites, going to theatre, cinema, concert or any cultural event … even just having a walk.
      I will go back in Belgium for Christmas but I’ll be here for New Year’s eve and I don’t really want to spend it alone! (I can cook&bake if it can help ^^)

    •  Kelsey #51530

        Hello! My name’s is Kelsey and I’ve also been here in Dublin for about 4 months. I am American but came here to Dublin for my Masters degree after living for a few years in Italy. It would be great to meet up for a coffee or something!

      •  Nico #51552

          Hey Marie-Élise! I’m Nico. I’ll be in Dublin soon and, I’m basically looking the same thing as you, so I hope we can talk 🙂

        •  Marie-Élise #51555

            Hi Kelsey, hi Nico
            I’d be glad to know you more!
            @kelsey we surely can meet for a coffee (or something else ~ I don’t drink coffee ), I’m free after 6pm during the week and my weekends are off.

            @nico we can meet when you arrive here and get to know each other by mail for the moment:

            Have a nice day!


          •  Nico #51557

              check your email!

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