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  •  Veryonica #48453

      Hi everyone, I’m in my 20 and I’m new in Killarney. I moved here from Italy one week ago for Au Pair and I’m looking for some friends. I love sport (above all bike and hiking) and explore new place and new food. I would like to take a coffee, enjoy the live music and food…in other words I would like to know better Irish culture! If you’re interested please drop me a line. I would love to hear from you. Veronica

    •  Masa #48454

        Hi there!

        Living in Cork and always looking for new international friends. Drop me an email if you like, my address is We could go for a few beers sometime.

        Bye for now

      •  Veryonica #48455

          Hi Masa, it’s fantastic! I’ll text you by email


        •  Masa #48460

            Fantastic! Look forward to hearing from you 😀

          •  Masa #48486

              Hi there.

              Did you email me? I never saw anything…

            •  Veryonica #48496

                Yes, but maybe something was wrong. I’ll send one again. 🙂

              •  Masa #48508

                  Can you post your email address and I will try to write to you instead?

                •  Veryonica #48666

                    Yes, of course. I think I’ve some problem with my email…

                  •  valentine #48761

                      HI 🙂

                      I am au Pair and I’am new too in this area and I am looking for to meet some new people =)

                      Val =)

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