New to Ireland (living in Co.Meath, short bus ride to Dublin)

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  •  Alice Taylor #50731

      Hello everyone, thanks for reading this. I have just moved to Ashbourne, Co. Meath, a short bus ride to Dublin. I am looking for friends to hang out with on my days off which are every Tuesday, every weekend and most evenings from about 1930. I am (a mature but not boring) twenty-two year old from England. I enjoy going out for food, going for drinks, going to the cinema, shopping, going for coffee, the gym, etc! My email address is:, I hope to hear from you soon! X

    •  Ms876 #51476

        Hi Alice, I am also a short way from Dublin (Wicklow) and looking to socialize on weekends.

      •  Smiley.1 #51518

          Hey guys, I’m Shauna (21) and a student. Im from Dublin.
          Im happy to meet up with you guys and show you around Dublin 🙂 I’d also love a gym buddy too!

        •  Ms876 #51523

            Hi Shauna, I’m Shawna and 28.
            Don’t know about the gym buddy bit 🙈 Lol but happy to meet up otherwise

          •  cafe #51665

              hi, I use to go a lot to ashbourne, we should arrange meeting.

            •  thomasne #51772

                Hello, I know it sound like coincident but I’ve moved to Ashbourne to, we should get in touch, email me at [email protected]

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