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  •  Kenny #44701

      Hi all!

      My name is Kenny, new(ish) to Dublin. I’m a 30 year old Irish man. Looking to meet some new mates (guys/gals) for gigs/nights out/sports/tag rugby/social events, basically anything that’s a bit of craic!

      Would be great to get a good bunch together so we can liaise and organise a night out etc. Hope to hear from you all soon



    •  fiona o’reilly #44704

        Hi Kenny, I’m Fiona, 32 & living in north Dublin. I’m in the same boat, looking for new friends to hang out with, nights out, gigs, cinema etc. Most of my friends are either getting married or having kids or aren’t going out as much lol. Would love to organise a group meet up. Look forward to hearing from you

      •  Kenny #44709

          Hi Fiona!

          That’s cool – drop me a mail on! Lets see if we can get a gang together

        •  Derek #45067

            Hi folks,

            Bit late to this thread – did this go down!? Same story, 31, Irish, new(ish) to Dublin & would be interested in getting a social posse together coming into the Summer months.



          •  James #45068

              Hi everyone!

              Im James 30 from South Dublin looking ot meet new people and make new friends.

              Like night outs, cinema, walking, sports, playing pool, bowling and like to try new things.

              Would be great to meet you all for a night out etc. Actully ill be out tonigjht in town if anyone
              would like to meet up for a few drinks?

     heres my email feel free to send me a message!

            •  fiona #45085

                Hey Derek, what’s your email?

              •  Derek #45086

                  Hey Fiona, it’s


                •  Grace #45090

                    Hi All, new to Dublin and would love to be part of a group like this! Based ithe city center. I’m 29 and in the same situation as everybody else!
                    My email is

                  •  John #45109

                      Hi All, I know I am late to this but I’m wondering if this group managed to get together? I’m 36 and actually from Dublin, looking to meet some new people as my social circle has been seriously diminished! Never done anything like this before so I’m a bit apprehensive but there’s only so much of Netflix anyone can take!

                      •  James #45117

                          Hey John, how are you?

                          I’m James 30, from Dublin and like everyone here looking to meet and make new friends.

                          Feel free to send me a reply hankeyj84@,


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