New outdoor/exercise buddies in Galway!

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  •  Sabrina #43954

      Hi there!

      Looking to make some new friends that are interested in exercise based fun!

      Its actually pretty difficult to find people interested in hanging out in a gym or outdoors type environment these days.I need some people to motivate me and vice versa.

      Of course the odd trip to town etc isnt to be ruled out!

      Thanks for looking!

    •  Brenda #43958

        Sabrina Hi

        I can be a buddy! And of course there would have to be the trips in to town – definitely!

        •  Sabrina #43963

            Hey brenda!

            Cool, so whats your story, what you in to etc?

            •  Brenda #43967

                Hi again!

                Could you give me your email address? I will fill you in then . . . 🙂

          •  Lyn #43987

              Hi! I’d love to join in- drop me a mail 🙂

              •  sabrina #43995

                  Hi lynn! Looking to get a few people together on this.mail me with your interests at!

              •  Steve #44006

                  is it just female friends you want

                  •  sabrina #44012

                      Hey steve! No anyone welcome. Maybe we can get a little group started

                      •  Sean #44015

                          Hey guys,I’d love to join your little group and maybe go on some outdoor adventures!

                    •  Níamh #44029

                        Hi Sabrina, I’m Níamh, 25 and am into exercise and healthy eating a lot. I have been out of action for a while regarding exercise due to an injury, so I may need a lil motivation too 😉
                        I know what you mean, it’s difficult to find people who are interested in just hanging out at a gym or so forth.
                        Drop me a line

                      •  Michael #44061

                          Hello guys . . . I’ll arrive to Galway tomorrow for study the english language. I’d like meet new people for have a fun time and also training time. If you want, I would be happy to join in your group. I’m easy going, friendly, fun, sporty . . . I like travel, cook, dance and know people that have a different culture.

                          See you soon


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