New to City, Looking to Meet New People and Make New Friends :)

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      Heloooo, My name is Jossie and I’m 23.

      I just moved in to Dublin Last week, from UK, Bournemouth and shame to say, I do not know anyone here… My work place don’t seem to be the place where you can socialize alot. So I thought I could build my social circle outside my work place….

      I love sports, Live music, just hanging or chilling out, Travelling, Motors but im really open-minded and am interested about anything thats fun :D… sooo currently looking for anyone who’s up to meet up for a chat, beers, glass of wine, or just a cup of tea lol…..

      My email is [email protected], so drop me mail if you fancy a chat or organise a meet up and if there are plenty of people who replies, could really do with organising a group meet up 😀

      Hope to hear from all of yaaa soon 🙂


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