New to Drogheda – looking for friends!

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  •  Anonymous #53586


      I am an au pair in Drogheda, and I will be here until June. I am wanting to meet new people and make some friends! I am a girl in my early 20s and I am always down for an adventure, or just to grab a coffee and chat! I am looking forward to hearing from you!!

    •  aileen84 #53635

        Hi Elaina,

        Welcome to Drogheda!

        I’m from drogheda myself if you want meet up for a cofee etc?

        •  Anonymous #53638

            Hello Aileen,

            I would love that!!

            •  aileen84 #53639

                Brilliant let me know when suits you best and we do coffee!!

                •  Anonymous #53646

                    Grand! I’m mostly free on weekends! Or I could maybe do a Wednesday afternoon.

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