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  •  Alison #42306

      Hi all,
      Just moved to Dublin and am looking to expand my social circle. I am 27, love to have fun, very adventurous, easy going and enjoy socialising. Ideally it would be great to make friends with people who enjoy gigs, cinema, wining and dinning, shopping…. Any social events really!

      Thanks for reading,
      Ali 🙂

    •  missy #42307

        Hey Alison, whats your email? 🙂

        •  Anonymous #42308

            Hey ya, I think there might be a bit of a glitch with the emails?? Just put mine up and it was a link to something :-/

            •  Cormac #42332

                Hi Alison,

                Email addresses are converted to links to prevent them being harvested by spam bots. Humans can still see them though, by clicking the link and solving the CAPTCHA,

                •  Anonymous #42336

                    Ah ok cool… Thought it was something dodgy ha
                    Thank you!!!!

            •  Sabrina #42309

                Hi Alison. Send me your email.. Would love to get in touch.

                •  Anonymous #42313

                    Hey ya,

                    It’s alihogan87 @ 🙂

                •  Sabrina #42310

                    Mine is by the way 🙂

                    Hope to chat soon!

                  •  Donal #42330

                      Hi Alison,
                      I hope you’re settling well into Dublin life?
                      I’m in the same boat looking to make some new friends.
                      I’m interested in eating out, sports, cultural events, music, cinema trips and just being out around people my own age.

                      Anyway, if you’re interested in chatting , feel free to to say hi-

                      Chat soon.

                    •  adel #42346

                        nice to meet you and i want to invite you for coffee so please send me email
                        sms me 0899788643

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