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  •  Lisa D #45788

      I’m Lisa, 28 and originally from Wales. I’ve recently moved to Dublin and start a new job next week. Looking to make new friends to socialise with, drinks, walking/jogging buddy (trying to get fit!), go to the cinema with, chill outs etc.

      I’m easy going, friendly and looking forward to meeting some new faces.


    •  Tanya #45792

        Heya Lisa
        Mail me if u wana chat Sumtime 🙂

      •  Shauna #45827

          Hiya Lisa, My close friends are leaving in a group to go travelling so looking to meet new people to socialize with, just have a laugh really. I am 24 turning 25, like to go abroad a lot so be great to make new friends for some trips away! I am easy going, and just hoping to meet similar people! Mail me if you want a chat and maybe organize a meet up!So hard to make new friends these days, it hard to know were to meet people!

        •  Aine #45836

            Hi Girls,

            I’m Aine and I’m 27! I moved to Dublin recently after 3 years in England. I like nights out, going to the cinema, walking, going to the gym, eating out and love weekends away – be it in Ireland or abroad. Would really like to meet people to explore Dublin with. Hope to hear from ye soon! 🙂

          •  michelle #45844

              Hi lisa im looking for the same are u on facebook or anything

            •  Leanne #45845

                Hi Girls,

                I’m pretty much in the same boat & would love to meet up be it for a meal, drinks, running, cinema etc! Would love to hear from you soon, it would be great if we could meet up as a group or something!

                •  Aine #45848

                    Hey Leanne,

                    What’s your email address? 🙂


                •  Tanya #45846

                    Hey girls
                    Mail me if yis wana chat 🙂

                  •  Pam #45851

                      Hey Ladies,

                      Also in the same boat. I’m 25 moved here late last year but with work etc. finding it difficult to meet new friends! Would love to have people to go to the cinema, shopping, drinks etc. Drop an email if interested!

                      Look forward to hearing from you

                    •  Pam #45852

                        Just realised I left out my email.


                      •  Sara #45870

                          Hi! My name is Sara. I have been 5 years in Dublin and I would love to meet new people ( my old friends are leaving, though I still keep some of them here). I love sport, hiking, dancing, karaoke and going to many places! I hopee to hear from you 🙂

                        •  Gemma #45892

                            Hi Lisa

                            I am also from the UK myself from Liverpool, I am 29, moved to Dublin last year. Same situation really, most of my friends live in the UK so I find it hard to make new friends here.

                            Looking for someone to hang out with cinema, shopping, drinks, fitness, chats, more drinks haha etc…

                            Im an easy going, down to earth person looking to meet people who i can sit an have a girly chat with.

                            Feel free to send me message 🙂

                          •  Gemma #45894

                              Hey my names Gemma,30,wales 🙂 spent most of my first 12 months in Ireland working away and not socialising enough!!! Need some pals – shopping, coffees, drinks, walks etc. I’m really easy to get along with! X

                            •  Michaela #45919

                                Hi, I’m Michaela
                                I am due to move to Dublin in a month due to a new job. I am 25 and I am from Newcastle Upon Tyne. I enjoy eating out, dancing, shopping, fitness, social events and chats.
                                I would love to chat and get to know some people before I arrive.
                                Please feel free to add me in facebook
                                Michaela jane banks or email me

                              •  boubou #45926

                                  Hey girls,

                                  I am going to come in dublin next week near my sister. I am french and i would like to improve my english with meeting news friends …

                                •  Marko #45927


                                    My name is Marko and I am from Croatia.I am moving to Ireland in August and could use a helping hand.My mail is:

                                  •  Mary #45942

                                      Hi all,

                                      My name is Mary, I’m 26, live near Dublin. Not new to town but like everyone else finding it hard to make new friends!
                                      I like all the usuals, shopping, going out etc.. would love to get to know some new people.

                                    •  Mary #45943

                                        Forgot to add my email 🙂

                                      •  Noranne #45950

                                          Hey. My name is Noranne, 26, just moved to Dublin last week. Interested in all of the above. Would like to meet a few new faces. Mail me if you want to organise something 🙂

                                        •  Marie #45960

                                            Hey there,

                                            I’m Marie, moved to Dublin 6 months ago, working and all.. Would love to meet new people to hang out with 🙂 Cinema, museum, going on a trip, chilling and chatting, concerts, restaurant, etc. I’m 29, and was living in Cork for 4 years before moving to Dublin. It’d be great to meet you guys! Oh, and my FB is MaRie Dpvsdfmmf, and email Hope to hear from you 😀

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