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  •  Lauren D #45907

      I’m Lauren, 23, from the U.S. and I just recently arrived in Dublin for my summer internship. I love food, drinks, shopping, and especially traveling! I plan on traveling around Ireland and would love a travel buddy 🙂 I have a range of interests from hiking to museums to relaxing at the cinema so let me know if you’d like to chat!

    •  Tanya #45909

        Hi Lauren
        Mail me if u wana chat sometime 🙂

      •  Marko #45929


          My name is Marko and I am from Croatia.I am planning to move in Ireland in August so I could use a friend:)
          My mail is:

        •  Meena #45932

            Hi Lauren,

            I’m from Germany, also 23 and in Dublin for an internship. I have the same interests like you and I also want to travel around Ireland during my stay. 🙂
            Mail me if you would like to chat.:)

          •  Noranne #45951

              Hey, my name is Noranne, 26. I’m the same, in Dublin for the summer, similar interests as ye and would like to meet new faces. Mail me if ye want to organise something 🙂

            •  Noranne #45952

                My email address –

              •  Tatiana #46039

                  Hey Laura!

                  My name is Tatiana and I’m from Canada (oh and I’m 21) Since I also started my summer intern in Dublin I am looking for a travel buddy and someone to do some fun stuff around the city. Let me know by email if you’d like to hang out 🙂

                •  Steve #46129

                    Hi Lauren,

                    My name is Steve. I am 27. I am from Hong Kong but I’ve live in Dublin for 12years now. I am looking to make new friends to expand my friends circle a bit. I would like to have a chat since I am chatty ha 😀

                    here is my email

                    Hope to chat to you soon.


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