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  •  Michaela #46170

      My name is Michaela, I am due to move to Dublin this month. I am currently living in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) and have never relocated before. I am looking to make some friends in the area. My interests are shopping, sports, dancing, and social events or a quiet drink.
      Please feel free to email me or send a message via facebook @ Michaela Jane Banks.


    •  Sarah #46174

        Hey, Michaela, what is your age?

        •  Michaela #46322

            Hi Sarah I am 25.

        •  Steve #46190

            Hi Michaela,

            My name is Steve and I am 27. I am looking to meet new friends to expand my friend circle.
            I am into sports, chats, hanging out for coffee and quiet drinks.

            What is your email?


          •  Steve #46331

              Hey Michaela,

              Email sent!


            •  ClaireAnne #46367

                Hi michaella, im 27 I live in Dublin. I like chats shopping walking, cinema, just look for new friends really :). If you or any of you guys would like to get in touch just email me. hope to hear from you

              •  Daniel #46594

                  Hi Michaela,

                  My name is Daniel. I am 29 year old. I just arrived to the city and I am looking to meet new friends.



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