new to Dublin and looking for some new friends!!

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  •  Grainne 1989 #52527

      Hi everyone!

      Im 27, female, and originally from Cork, but have been living in the Sydney for the past few years. I moved to Dublin a few months ago and although I love my new job etc, it is hard to make new friends outside of work! I love fashion, the gym/walking/ trekking, and wine of course.

      If anyone is in a similar situation and would like to meet up for coffee, glass of wine etc feel free to reach out!

      Thank you!!

    •  Clau 29 #52531

        Hi Grainne,

        I would like to meet you, I arrived in Dublin approximately one month ago so I’m kind of the same situation that you.

        Let’s catch up for coffee 😉


      •  Mo #52549

          Hi There ,

          I’m 28 from Egypt , Visiting Dublin next month for week , i would like to meet new friends there and meet up for drinks
          , I love GYM as well .

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        •  Jenna #52553

            Hey – 25 and in a similar situation ! And also love wine.. 🙂 Would love to meet up.. let’s organise something!

            •  Grainne 1989 #52554

                Hi Jenna,

                Sounds great! I am away for Easter, and back next Tuesday, could meet up that week? I live near Ranelagh, whereabouts are you?

            •  Kelsey #52632

                Hi Grainne! I’m 27 and also looking for some pals here in Dublin. I am American and here working and getting my Master’s degree. Would love to meet up too! My email is [email protected] if you want to plan something!

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              •  disysafe #52645

                  Hi, Grainne I am Daisy from Taiwan and just got here for 3 days!

                  Would love to meet up for a cup of tea~ I live near Phoenix park

                •  mahe094 #52659

                    need somthing interesting😃 .In 1947 ,2 brothers went to jungle and said grass was green.dont laugh thats serious 😁

                  •  Farah #52672

                      Hi there, I’m in a similar boat. Would love to be involved in any meet ups. Please let me know, my email is [email protected]

                    •  tracey91 #52679

                        Hey Grainne, Very similar situation to you. 26, also from Cork originally and moved back from Australia 😊 Fire me an email if you’re free [email protected] ☺️

                      •  danni9 #52698

                          Hi Grainne,

                          I’m in the same boat, from the north, Co. Armagh and just returned to Ireland (Dublin) from London.

                          25, similar interests to you: fashion, fitness, nature, travelling, wine/nights out, music/sports events etc!

                          Let me know if you’d like to grab a drink – my email is: [email protected] 🙂

                        •  Carli92 #52729

                            Hello I am Catharina 24 from Austria and I am also new in Dublin because of working. I love wine, nights out and fashion. Would be great to meet up 🙂 My email is: [email protected]

                          •  edel1111 #52742


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                            •  lilly #52790

                                Hi Grainne, I am 28 and also looking to make new girl friends to hang out for lunches, dinners, shopping ….etc. waiting to hear from you: [email protected]

                              •  nikky #52791

                                  Hi I’m Nicoleta. I’m 22 and I’ve been living in Dublin for the past 10 years but I want to meet some new people to go on nights out, shopping, concerts and do girly stuff with. My email is [email protected]. Or add me on snapchat at ansarm95

                                •  SarahG #52806

                                    Hey Grainne,

                                    In a similiar situation to you. Moved to Dublin from Galway, was abroad before that and looking to make some friends.

                                    If you and some others are meeting, I’d love to join. Living in Dublin 6. I’m 26.

                                    All the best,


                                    •  Dara #53258

                                        Hi Sarah,
                                        My name’s Dara. I see you’re also from Galway. I’m 27, I moved to Dublin 3 weeks ago for work and would like to meet new people and hopefully make some new friends. I like traveling, going out, and trying new things .

                                        Hope to hear from you


                                        •  san84 #53484


                                            I am a friendly black French female, 32 years old, I will soon be moving to Dublin for work and will live and work in the west part of Dublin. I had the opportunity to visit this city twice and I really enjoyed it.

                                            I would love to meet people from all backgrounds and discover this beautiful city a little more. I am a simple person, sometimes shy. My hobbies are: visiting museums, going restaurants, going to the cinema, spa weekend, listening to music (anything but hard rock, metal, trance and techno), love watching documentaries …

                                            I am quite chatty and have lived in some countries abroad. I would ideally like to meet people aged 25 and over.

                                            Thanks and see you soon I hope


                                      •  Ola #52807

                                          Hello there, my name is Ola. i am probably the odd one out as I just finished studying a one year course and now lost that my course is finished lol! There is some concert at the French Institute this week. I am not one into laddish stuff though.

                                        •  Sheridsi #53264

                                            Hi Gráinne,

                                            I’m Sinéad,32 & from Monaghan. I have been in Dublin for a year but lived in Oz and NZ for 3 yrs,Sydney was my fave.

                                            Give me an email if u fancy a meet up,love coffee,wine,shopping [email protected]

                                            Totally agree it’s hard to meet friends outside of work.

                                            Chat more soon

                                          •  Tatjana-89 #53277

                                              Hey Gráinne,
                                              My name is Tatjana and I’m 27. I’ll move to Dublin around the 28th of August (from Germany) for a new job and would like to find some friends.

                                              I also like hiking, doing workouts, enjoying a glass of wine, drinking coffee or just relaxing in a park if the weather allows it.

                                              Would be great to meet up with you and other girls you already met.

                                              My email address: [email protected]

                                            •  Suzi #53282

                                                Hi Grainne, Im 29 and also have similar interests to you. Would be great to meet up for a chat, and a coffee soon. Whats your email to contact you?
                                                Looking forward to hearing from you.

                                              •  alan1982 #53334

                                                  Hey Grainne!

                                                  I’m also from Cork, I’m 35, up in Dublin a few years.

                                                  I love walking / cinema / theatre / meeting for breakfast / brunch at the weekend.

                                                  You’re welcome to email me if ya want!


                                                  [email protected]

                                                •  Dario #53347

                                                    Hi 🙂

                                                    My name is Dario, 29 and I am in the same boat!
                                                    Looking for male and female friends to go out, cinema, have a glass of wine or just exploring the city or what ever.

                                                    Am chilled and like to make new friends to have fun, go out, shopping or what ever comes up to our mind.

                                                    Feel free to contact me 🙂

                                                  •  João Soares #53413

                                                      Hi Grainne,

                                                      I’m looking to expand my network in Dublin too. Arrived last January but between traveling a lot and working even more haven’t had enough energy to commit to meeting new people outside of the work network or explore the city properly. I occasionally go for brunch on weekends so I can recommend a few places if you are interested but other than that I miss some company to go out more often. I’m Portuguese so I really miss some wine sometimes. Let me know if you want to catch up on the following weeks or if you can include me on any other plans you may already have.


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                                                    •  Laura88 #53445

                                                        Hi Grainne,

                                                        I’m 28 years old and I am quite new to Dublin from the UK. I am also into the gym, trekking and drinking wine. It would be great to meet up for a drink. Let me know.


                                                      •  Bobcork #53480

                                                          Howdy I’m from cork, ballintemple, in Dublin tomorrow for a night if you want a few beers nothing crazy as I’m up early on Wednesday, I’m Rob bbboyle86 at gmail from ballintemple also

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