New to Dublin and looking to meet some like-minded people

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  •  Alex #46842

      My name’s Alex and I moved to Dublin about a month ago with my girlfriend who was offered a job in the area. I don’t know anyone in this city and would love to make some new friends. I would consider myself curious more than anything and that’s what drives most of what I do in my free time: discovering new places around town (parcs, hills, areas, bars, etc.), going to museums and galleries, listening to podcasts / documentaries, movies, comedy, music, etc…

      So if you’re also looking to meet new people and I seem to be the kind of person you’d get along with, let me know!

    •  Joe #46880

        Hey Alex,

        I’m in a very similar situation as I moved here a month ago (Alone though) for my masters degree. Still in the process of seeing whats around the town and meeting new people in general.

      •  Tony #47054

          Heya Alex,

          I’m a dub looking to make a few new friends. I’m a telecoms engineer by trade so the geek thing is a factor you’ll have to deal with lol. I live with my girlfriend in Dublin 13 and im into my star trek, gaming all the standard stuff that would constitute an episode of the big bang theory… Music wise im into Scandinavian stuff, Nightwish, Bodom, Within Temptation etc… id be happy to meet up with you and joe we go on the beer, there are a few little hidden gems around the city pub wise so I would suggest pub crawl??? followed by kebab crawl….drop me a line anyway if you fancy meeting up


        •  Robert #47065

            Hi guy’s my name is Robert I’m looking to make new friends as well. I’m very easy going person who likes music and sports I all so enjoy going out for drinks. I hope too meet up with you guy’s soon.

          •  James #47069

              Hey guys how’s it going?

              I’m James 31 from Dublin like to meet new people etc.

              Like nights in and out of the town, cinema, movies, tv, food lol, gamer etc.

              Heres my email if you wanna chat and meetup etc


            •  Christina #47151

                Hi everyone, I’m christina. I’ve been in dublin for 7 months now, but I’m still lacking a bit in the friends department. I enjoy going for a night out and many of things you mentioned as well. Let me know if you want to hang out!

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