New to Dublin from the UK – looking for friends early 30s to share wine with!

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  •  beckidublin #52832

      I’ve recently moved to Dublin from the UK for work and would love to meet some new people to explore the city with particularly to enjoy a beer garden in this gorgeous weather! Based in Ranelagh, age 31, love shopping, exploring new good haunts and prosecco!

    •  Ryan #52834

        Well Becki, not sure if you are on the market for male friends however I said I’d say hello and welcome you to Dublin… šŸ™‚

      •  lilly #52835

          Hi Becki, I am 28 and I am also looking to make new friends in Dublin, I work and live in IFSC area and I enjoy shopping, coffees, dinners..etc, girly stuff essentially, let me know if you want to meet up ==> [email protected]

          •  Anonymous #52915

              Hey guys, I’m Fiona. I’m 29 and also looking to make new friends. Have you all met up?

              •  Fionam #53658

                  Can set up a what’s app if you private mail me your number my email [email protected] as I don’t find this web page very user friendly! Can meet for coffee – drink šŸ™‚ fi

            •  Haylseadublin #52837

                Hi Becki. I’m 35 and moved to Dublin with my husband and 3 children 2 years ago. I’m also looking to make new friends in Dublin. Would be happy to chat more and meet up for coffee and nights of wine

              •  Ola #53053

                  Welcome to Dublin Becki, if you are looking for male friends to explore what Dublin has to offer with…my email is [email protected].

                •  Fionam #53114

                    Hi Becki I’m 32 and I’ve also moved recently from the UK. Similar interests to yourself! Would be happy to chat more and meet up šŸ™‚

                  •  ClaireO #53212

                      Hey Fiona, have just joined this site (although I’ve lived in Dublin on and off since 2011) – both yourself and Becki sound very similar to me (must be the mention of beer gardens lol) so let me know if you guys have already talked or give me a shout if you want to meet up some time! šŸ™‚

                      •  Anonymous #53213

                          Hey Claire

                          So good to hear from you. I’m just back from holidays and got a brand new place to live in Dublin. Would love to meet up for def. Where you based? Ps I don’t know if this is private or not?

                          •  ClaireO #53216

                              Hope you enjoyed the holiday Fiona! You’re right, I don’t think this is private as I can see other people’s email addresses and phone numbers, not sure if it’s too wise to put them out on the net so easily (although I doubt anyone is that interested in me, ha ha!). Do you have Twitter or Instagram by any chance? My username on both of those is clairebear785 and the bio just says “not all those who wander are lost” so if you are able to get in touch that way, we can private message contact details?

                              There’s actually two Fiona’s on this thread but my invite is open to both šŸ˜› and Becki too!

                          •  Fionam #53661

                              Hi Claire

                              I’m very late replying! My email is [email protected] if you still wish to message re catch up fi

                          •  Suzi #53285

                              Hi Becci,

                              29, living in Malahide and have similar interests. Drop me your email so we can chat there maybe arrange a coffee soon.


                              •  Fionam #53660

                                  Hi Suzi would love to catch up! Communication on this isnt easy… If you still fancy catching up pm me your contact details fi šŸ™‚
                                  [email protected]

                              •  MaryKate #53441

                                  Hi there

                                  I’ve only just come across your post and am probably a bit late to the party but I’d love to meet up for a coffee or a drink or something if you fancied it.

                                  I’m also from the UK but have been living in Dublin for 9 years. Im 33 ( for the next week anyway!) I’m always up for expanding my social circle and getting to know a few more people!

                                  Anyway, if you fancy getting in touch or grabbing a coffee/drink, let me know!

                                •  Laura88 #53444

                                    Hi girls, I am 28 years old and I’m also new to Dublin from the UK. I don’t know many people here so it would be great to meet up for a drink. Let me know.


                                    •  Fionam #53656

                                        Can set up a what’s app if you private mail me your number my email [email protected] as I don’t find this web page very user friendly! šŸ™‚ fi

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                                    •  stellar14 #53472

                                        Hi , Im same age living around the same area looking to meet up with new people! Wine sounds good šŸ™‚ Give me a shout! [email protected]

                                        •  Fionam #53659

                                            if you private mail me your number my email [email protected] we could exchange numbers as I don’t find this web page very user friendly! šŸ™‚ fi

                                        •  san84 #53485


                                            I am a friendly black French female, 32 years old, I will soon be moving to Dublin for work and will live and work in the west part of Dublin. I had the opportunity to visit this city twice and I really enjoyed it.

                                            I would love to meet people from all backgrounds and discover this beautiful city a little more. I am a simple person, sometimes shy. My hobbies are: visiting museums, going restaurants, going to the cinema, spa weekend, listening to music (anything but hard rock, metal, trance and techno), love watching documentaries ā€¦

                                            I am quite chatty and have lived in some countries abroad. I would ideally like to meet people aged 25 and over.

                                            Thanks and see you soon I hope


                                          •  K8 #53732

                                              Hi all,

                                              I’m Katie, 29 years of age. I work in the city and live in malahide if any of you fancy a coffee or Asti drop me a line. Happy new year to you all xo

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