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  •  Laura #47397

      My name is Laura im new to Dublin im 20 years old been in dublin two months now its been quite lonely been away from family back on Cork. Basically looking for friends to chill out with do the little things like go for lunch, drinks, mad night outs, shopping when iv money window shopping

    •  Philippa #47403

        II’m Pippa and 26, looking to make new friends!

        I love a natter over coffee, of a couple drinks and a dance the weekends and what girl doesn’t love shopping!

        I’m looking for a new parter in crime as I’ve drifted from my friends

        If you fancy meeting up let me know 😃

      •  Aaron #47421

          Hey Laura, i know how ya feel, i’m in a similar situation. I’m Aaron, 21 and live in Dublin and just looking to get out and meet new people. Look forward to hearing from ya

          •  Kyle #47548

              Hey man I’m kyle, looking for someone to hang out with while I’m in Dublin, Im 22 and I pretty much like to do anything, big football fan. Let me know if you interested in hanging out

          •  Lauren #47542

              Hey Laura,
              I’m Lauren,I’m from Dublin as well and I’m 19. I’m in my first year of college, I’m studying childcare.I know you wrote this a month ago but I’m only new to this site,I’m looking to make some friends as well to hang out withgo for walks,coffee,drinks,cinema,nights out and of course shopping. My email is feel free to message me (:

            •  Kyle #47547

                Hi Laura, Aaron, Lauren and Phillipa
                I’m Kyle, I’m 22 and would love to meet up, I’m in Dublin visiting my mom so I’ll be here for about two months and would really like to meet new people and hang out. Here’s my email, , looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

              •  Matthew #47569

                  Hi Laura, I am new in Dublin too. Moved from Switzerland, so I know how it is to be from home. I am pretty much open for anything, and I love good nights out =D

                  Kind regards


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